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Who we are?

We are ambitious and hard-working team who always strive to create something new and innovative, and comply to clients wishes and needs at the same time.

Top-tier experienced developers

Our developers with their expert programming skills and working knowledge help the companies to become more successful and accessible.

Smart and talented designers

We create a successful story that connects both your today’s opportunity and tomorrow’s dream.

Communicative content writers with strong research skills

Our team specializes in finding exacly what our clients need for their business to grow into the vision they have in their minds. We dedicate to doing deep research on all the crutial points of the business in order to provide everything needed. Our team is always here to help your business grow!

Our formula

Delivering Quality
Customer first!

We meet our customers' demands for high quality service and efficiency with great expertise and an uncompromising sense of commitment.

Dedication and focus
We Encourages quality consciousness!

We always give 100% for all of our projects and strive to be there for all the client needs.

Staying ahead
We are not afraid from new techonologies!

We always use the latest technology available on the market and we easily adapt to all the different circumstances and requests and always get the job done!

Efficiency and reliability
You can always count on us!

Our clients can always count on us, that their needs will be met and that we deliver on time. Not only that, but they can rely on our support after the project is done!


We are happy to be able to actively contribute to the community


We are specializing in building, integrating and transforming web application

Web development

With specialized front-end and back-end developers we transform your ideas into the business of your dreams


Experience you can trust, service you can count on. We can provide everything you need

Mobile development

The future of mobile is the future of the internet. It is the most convenient and easy way to access online content now.

Web design

Our designs are creative and unique, we implement your world into the design you need

Content writing

Engaging and original content for use online, Various writing styles


We provide 1v1 personal online coach, that will be there for ALL your needs and will explain all the stuff you need in the easiest way.


We always tend to all the needs of our customers and provide high quality services in all the different fields in online technologies we expertise in like Magnolia CMS, JAVA, REACT and ECMA SCRPT

  • all
  • WEB
  • Design
  • Mobile
  • Writing

Corporate websites

Build corporate websites that has clear identity, rich content


Applications with a lot of entreprise features like publishing, tagging, personalizations etc...

E-Learning apps

In a world where change is constant, there is a never-ending need to upgrade your and get new skills, and gain qualifications that are relevant in today's technologically


Create intranet application which has a purpose to be used from all employees in the groupation. Provide functionality for easy share and quick access to needed documents

Web design

We can make your dream come true as we easily transform your ideas into the web site that meets all your needs.

Logo & Brands

We make sure that your logo would be recognisable and help you establish your own brand!


We always tend to provide the most amazing and stunning photos for your website, that will make it beautiful!

Mobile apps

Our team will make any kind of mobile application that meets all you needs for any kind of business


REST API is recently the most useful and versatile web service API


Have you ever wished you had a place where all the customers will be able to find anything about your business in one place, which is easily managable?

Business requirements



  1. Magnolia projects
  2. React Projects


Magnolia light module with bootstrap components implemented

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Total Wellness

Website where you can find wellness retreats for individuals, groups and companies with the purpose to improve total health and wellbeing

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Calendar planner

Simple calendar planner component build in magnolia cms(FullCalendar.js, Bootstrap, Moment.js, Bootstrap datetimepicker ...)

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